Essential Points for Disaster Recovery Planning
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Banks, credit unions and other businesses always have the threat of cyber attack. Cybersecurity has become one of the greatest concerns for all organizations around the world especially for those which are associated with sensitive data are highly...

It's a New Ballgame in Banking
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Jim Lee, SVP, Knowledge Management Director, Fulton Financial Corporation

Certainly everyone has heard the notion that every industry, every product, every service is experiencing an accelerating rate of change and challenges these days that hasn’t been seen before within their domains. While that statement has...

Faster Payments Are Coming but Are They?
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Alex Jimenez, Vice President, Sr. Strategist, Zions Bancorporation

Imagine ordering supplies for your business on your mobile device or desktop, immediately receiving an invoice with a “Pay Now” button, with one click paying, and knowing that the same click also authorized your supplier’s...

Adapting to Digital Natives- Lenders Meet Millennials, and All Consumers, on their Terms
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Kamran Bakhtiari, VP, Marketing, loanDepot

The experience of home buying–from financing to shopping to signing most of your docs–has experienced a digital transformation in recent years. And the evolution continues to touch even change-resistant phases of the process....

Blockchain providing a Digital Platform for the Banking Sector
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Banks are a significant part of livelihood today. They provide vital services like storing, accessing, and transferring money from one account to another. Banks use ledgers for recording all its transactions. These ledgers are physical or...

Better Together: Banks and FinTechs
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Fabrice Albizzati, Principal, Financial Services Advisory, Strategy & Business Transformation and Andrea Boone, Executive Director, Financial Services Advisory, Digital, Ernst & Young LLP

For at least half a decade, consumers have been rapidly embracing platform-based services for personal transportation, same-day delivery, and access to the digital-sharing economy. The list is long and these platform-based businesses reduce...

Ubiquitous Retail Banking
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Kevin Stehl, Vice President of Marketing, Product and Digital, SECU Credit Union

It may be difficult for anyone under 30 to believe, but there was a time when banking transactions were conducted face-to-face. Needed to deposit your paycheck? You had to head to your local bank or credit union, fill out a deposit slip, and...

AI and its Potential in Fintech - if we can make it unbiased!
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Ralf Ohlhausen, Business Development Director at PPRO Group

By now we’ve all seen the predictions that eventually artificial intelligence will become so powerful that we’ll yield our autonomy to machines. Robots will drive society’s critical systems: from power, and communications to even...

How is Lending Technology Simplifying the Loan Process?
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As technology is advancing with the advent of reliable internet networks, the loan process is now turning from manual operations to the cloud which is also known as digitalized Origination. By leveraging this modern technology, financial...

Influence of Cloud Computing on the Banking Sector
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The implementation of cloud computing has created an enormous change in the banking industry where many challenges faced by the banks are the same as the other industries.The major concern is the stringent security and compliance standard...

Change is the only Constant: Be Prepared and Stay Nimble Embrace Disruption, Don't Avoid it
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Kent Llewelyn, CIO, TAB Bank

We are living in a time when disruption rears its head more frequently than ever before. Depending on your situation or mindset this can either be the cause of great excitement or extreme anxiety. Over the course of my 20+ years in the technology...

Blockchain Driving Disruptions in the Fintech Landscape
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Blockchain has gained international prominence through cryptocurrencies. Blockchain tracks the complete lifecycle of a financial transaction and secure financial products at minimal cost. The technology records and validates every transaction in...

How Blockchain can Revolutionize Banking and Finance Sector
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Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed list of records called blocks. The blocks which are linked using cryptography, contain cryptographic hash functions of the previous block, a log of time sheets of each data entry and transaction data....

Streamlining KYC Solutions with Blockchain
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The advent of blockchain with the promise of new and exciting database technology has brought numerous traditional systems due for an overhaul. Having already demonstrated its potential in the market with a new set of currency and regulations, the...

Accelerating Banking and FinTechs with Cloud Computing
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Cloud computing has created a revolution in the banking sector and some disruptions in its business operations too. Most trending automation is cloud computing, a new technology for storing data on the internet. Cloud computing has different...

Financial Service's Battle against Fraudulent Activities using Big Data Analytics
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Fandhy H. Siregar, Head Of Internal Audit, PT. Bank Resona Perdania

Combating financial crime can no longer be an acceptable cost of doing business. At the same time, financial service produces billions of data from their activities every day. Financial service institution is operating in highly regulated industry...

RegTech: What will it Take to Succeed?
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Venkatesh Bala, Chief Risk Officer, Biz2Credit

Introduction It’s been estimated that regulatory compliance costs more than $70B annually worldwide for financial services firms. Historically, compliance has been manual-intensive and burdened by old systems and processes at even the...

Blockchain is the Real Revolution for the Banking Industry
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The financial industry, with the majority of the potential that blockchain innovation offers for change, emphasis, and improvement has been gradual in its uptake of the new tech. There's no scrutinizing whether blockchain innovation will...

Regulating Cryptocurrency: Turning a New Leaf in the Digital Realm
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Cryptocurrency—a buzzword that delivered security in finance and investments, has taken the market by storm, and piqued the interests of regulators in the retail and investment industry in the process. Not just bitcoin, but the crypto-space...

How Banking and Technology Stocks Paint the Bigger Financial Picture
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Reports claim Facebook has requested access to data from banks in exchange for additional services on the social media platform. Whatever might be the true story, one thing is clear—the fine line between banking and technology is getting...

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