The Nuances of Migration to Cloud
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Dirk Altgassen, Group CIO, Etex Information Technology

The Starting point In 2015, Etex was a dispersed Group of around 100 legal entities in 42 countries around the world that supported global IT services through an IT entity in Belgium, while every company had its local IT department....

How can Cloud-Based Operating Healthcare Systems Address the Interoperability Problem?
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The objective of interoperability is to standardize the interfaces in a manner that allows the organizations to move to another cloud service supplier with minimal effect on themselves. FREMONT, CA: According to BCC Research, the global...

IT: Key Enabler, Broadening Banking Prospects
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Banking is in the midst of an IT revolution, leading to the increasing importance of total banking automation in the industry.   FREMONT, CA: The world’s most tech-savvy generation is all progressing, and they are demanding smarter,...

Reasons to Implement Cloud-Based Loan Management Software
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Cloud computing has effectively changed the Information Technology sector. It provides efficient support in software development, delivery, and consumption to the businesses. The fintech industry has leveraged this technology to boost up their...

An In-Depth Sight on Banking Technology
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Sandeep Khera, Chief Information Officer, XAC Bank

The Future Trends in Financial Services Industry Technology driven disruption is on cards. As an observation, the queues at bank counters have become shorter, branches have become smaller and transaction data is directly stored on the...

Focusing on Delivering Business Value
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Kyle Welsh, CISO, BECU

In today’s fast-paced world, work comes to the Information Technology professional and their part of an organization from all directions. Coupled with the non-stop distractions from their smart phones, that is both driven by and exacerbated...

IT Turnaround: Strategic Rebuilding
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Eddie Ho, CIO, Los Alamos National Bank

Information technology is the center-point of all business operations. However, and far too often in the business world, IT basic needs never make it to the top of the list. Degeneration of IT is common in a wide variety of businesses due to...

Technology: Compliance Program Asset? Liability?
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Ike Gibbs, VP & CCO, Direct Energy

A common discussion point among compliance professionals is the role of technology in enhancing the capabilities of a compliance program. While the history of reliance on technology as a compliance asset differs across industries, the consensus...

Managing Digital Transformation by IT and Security Teams
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Elena Kvochko, CIO, Group Security Function, Barclays [LON:BARC]

Over the last couple of decades, companies have expanded their digital presence by fostering technology innovation. As a result, they are able to deliver a variety of services, and reach more stakeholders with the same amount of effort and at a...

IT Simplifying the Residual Payment Process
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Daniel Inukai, CIO, SAG-AFTRA

When Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists merged in 2012, we faced numerous challenges to integrate business processes and leverage the efficiencies of our goals post-merger. One of the biggest challenges...

Fostering Trust Economy
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James P. Hanlon, SVP & CTO, Dedham Savings

The setting is a barbershop in Baltimore circa 2004 and two men are having a conversation. “We’re talking about money here, this is business.” “Business is where you are sitting but what got you here is your word and...

Soranus AG: Bridging the Gap between Banking and IT
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Ingo Fritzen, Partner

Provides one-stop services to ensure efficient and successful completion of projects by bridging the gap between banking and IT

Alkami Technology: Shifting the Paradigm through Mobile Banking Platforms
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Mike Hansen, CEO

Delivers innovative digital banking solutions that are thoughtfully conceived, beautifully designed and intelligently rendered

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