Digital Era - Opportunities and Challenges
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Rajnish Khare, Head of Digital Transformation, Social Media & New Business and Mobility Banking, HDFC Bank

Digital revolution, also known as ‘The Internet Economy’ or Internet of Everything (IoE), is expected to generate new market growth opportunities, jobs and become the biggest business opportunity of mankind in the next 30 to 40 years....

Role of Behavioral Biometrics in Improvising Consumer Experience
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Behavioral Biometrics is the new seamless and hassle-free authentication procedure that is introduced to revolutionize the numerous industries. With the increasing number of digitization and connectivity, we are more prone to cyber threats, and...

The Logic of Modern Public Procurement
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Enzo de Laurentiis, Chief Procurement Officer, The World Bank

Modern public sector procurement is a key instrument for galvanizing the market to develop technology-driven solutions with far wider applications than public services delivery. It is also an important driver of market competitiveness, resource...

U.S. Banks Should Seek New Solutions - Not Reduced Expectations -in Fight Against Financial Crimes
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David McLaughlin, CEO and Founder, QuantaVerse

The Clearing House recently issued a report that proposed softening Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations. The proposed revamp of rules at this time is both understandable and predictable. • The Trump...

Fast Forward: The Future of Faster Payments is Now
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Deborah Phillips, AAP Managing Director of Payment Strategy, Jack Henry & Associates

Faster payments is arguably one of the most important opportunities emerging on the U.S. financial services landscape. The push to bring real-time payments to the U.S. is already underway, driven by the global proliferation of real-time...

Democratizing Financial Market through Technology
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Andre Frank, SVP, Thesys Technologies

Investment banking and retail banking often appear near the top of the list of industries investing in “Big Data” technology, but adoption and usage of “Public Cloud” offerings is very limited. Thesys Technologies was...

NBS Technologies to Provide SCIT Horizon Evolution HD Card Personalization System
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FREMONT, CA: NBS Technologies, a provider of software and equipment provider for financial card personalization, announces that it has supplied Horizon Evolution HD with Integrated Mailing system and EMV Software to Smart Card IT Solutions (SCIT)....

SingleSource: Enabling Transactions that are Secure Yet Frictionless
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Kelvin Chandran, CEO

Leveraging blockchain technology, SingleSource automates the whole KYC process, providing businesses with verified and attested identity data, whilst giving customers control over their data

SecureKey: Frictionless Digital Identity Simplified
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Greg Wolfond, CEO

A leading identity and authentication provider that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications

Automated Systems: Core Processing Solution for Improved Customer Service
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Bradley Perry, President & CEO

Provider of core data processing solution, devised to address the unique software needs in community banks.

Tyfone: Comprehensive Security Platform for Mobile Banking
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Provider of comprehensive security platform for mobile banking and mobile payment.

Novum Partners: Providing Robust Data Analytics Solutions
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James Cavallo, Managing Partner

Novum is a solution-based consulting firm and a leading advisor to banks on strategies for data and analytics to reduce risk, increase profitability, and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction....

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