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What to Expect from Evolving ATMs?
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With the regular addition of advanced features, ATMs are busy getting a makeover that could prepare them for the future. FREMONT, CA: Once upon a time, ATM was a major revolution in the banking sector. Today, with transformed financial...

What this CPU Technology Innovation has To offer?
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This software-only implementation is leveraging high-speed CPU technology to cut costs. FREMONT, CA: A global provider of real-time, multi-asset financial market data and solutions, ACTIV Financial, has launched a software ticker plant and a...

Why Banking CIOs Must Prioritize Cybersecurity?
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CIOs are strengthening the existing security framework of banks and the associated third parties by adding onto the cybersecurity suite.     FREMONT, CA: Financial institutions, including banks, have always been concerned over...

How is Digital Onboarding in Banks Superior to Manual Onboarding?
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The process of customer onboarding in banks is central to improving customer experience, and by going digital, banking firms can enjoy several benefits.  FREMONT, CA: Digitalization has become the norm in banking. Banking companies have...

Technology - Accelerating Improvement in the Financial Market
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Bhupesh Vora, MD, Europe Head of CM Technology, RBC Capital Markets

2019 continued to be a challenging market environment for H1 across the street. Firms will be doubling down on the strategies and efforts that already began in 2018 and so far, for the first half of the year we are certainly seeing that. Cost...

Why are Financial Institutions Moving towards Edge Computing?
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With the exponential growth of technology and the expansion of banking facilities, edge computing offers a means to address and manage the distributed banking segments. FREMONT, CA: Banks and financial institutions are continually upgrading...

Request-to-Pay is the Next Generation of Payments and Banking
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James Dickerson, Client Partner, Motive Labs, Motive partners

It is no coincidence that payments, the most compet­itive area of banking and financial services, is also the ripest for disruption. The record levels of corpo­rate and venture capital flowing into the payments sector are impacting...

5 Things 5G has in Store for Mobile Banking
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With 5G, mobile banking will start to function more efficiently and smoothly, eventually boosting mobile banking performance and overall customer experience. FREMONT, CA: Financial institutions are in the midst of going mobile, with many of...

How Long Before the Door Closes on Open Banking?
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Andrew Cregan, Policy Advisor (Head of Payments Policy), British Retail Consortium

New and innovative ways to pay have been coming on the scene for years, some making a more successful splash than others. Solutions like Amazon’s one-click, and partnerships such as that of Uber and Stripe, have broken new ground in...

3 Factors Disrupting Retail Banking
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Personalized financial recommendations, automation, and a holistic financial view make the primary factors to impact the retail banking sector significantly.  FREMONT, CA: With increasing innovations and developments, retail banking might...

Introducing Top 3 Startups Ready to Take on Banking Analytics
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Banks, harnessing the power of data, look towards gleaning meaningful insights from it. To make this a reality, several startups are emerging with several advanced data solutions.    FREMONT, CA: Success of any business decision...

Is the European Finance Market SCA-Ready?
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While the three countries extended the deadline, SCA recently came into effect across the other parts of Europe. Financial firms are all set to get ready for compliance.   FREMONT, CA: The European Union enacted the Payments Services...

5 Ways Digital Lending Empowers Loan Processors
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Loan processors have expedited their systems and methods towards a digital wave, helping borrowers experience a seamless lending experience.    FREMONT, CA: Focus on the digital transformation has been the top priority in the...

6 RPA Secrets Leading the Next Generation KYC
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Financial institutions are stepping up their spending on headcount to assist KYC activities. To reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of these KYC processes, the implementation of RPA has a vital role to play.  FREMONT, CA: Banks...

Digital Lending: A New Horizon for Modern Banks
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Gone are the days of heading down to the bank branch to get a personal loan from the bank manager, which can at times be tortuous and time-consuming. How about the entire process shaping into a digital realm?    FREEMONT, CA: ...

Cash-Trapped: How Open Banking is Breaking the Cycle of Cash while Growing the Lending Bases of Visionary Banks
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Philip Glickman, Regional Head, Commercial Payments, Asia Pacific, Mastercard

Routine means safety for Alif, who owns a small roadside shop in Indonesia. During hours when most people are still sleeping, he receives and hand-inventories his stocks - low-priced daily essentials like soap, toothbrushes, and bandages - and...

Technology-Coupled Customer journeys Stepping up Banking and Financing Practices
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Customer experience is the topmost priority of financial institutions. As customers want to feel valued and appreciated, banks are heading towards building a loyal relationship. FREMONT, CA: Businesses are continually becoming customer-centric,...

Moving towards a Cashless Future!
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Soon, the world moves towards a future that is cash-less, and to shine better, the financial institutions are innovating in all the ways to digitalize payments. FREMONT, CA: Payment landscape is continually evolving. In the digital world,...

Fintech 2.0: Skyrocketing Transaction Quality, Driving Customer-Centric Banking
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In the digital age, banks and fintech are collaborating to leverage their respective strengths to revolutionize the finance room and generate viable transaction models.   FERMONT, CA: Fintech 2.0 places the authority solidly in the...

New Industry-Leading Insights to Empower Financial Advising
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Companies are implementing innovative approaches to streamline financial advising strategies.     FREMONT, CA: Chalice Financial NetworkTM, a first Software-as-a-Service-based member-benefit organization for autonomous financial...