Cloud-based Core Banking: Modernizing Traditional Infrastructure
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Deploying cloud computing empowers banks to focus on their core business and lets them effectively invest capital and resources in better solutions.   FREMONT, CA: Migrating to the cloud-based systems deliver flexibility and agility to the...

API Revolution Enters Commercial Banking to Reshape Digital Finance
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FREMONT, CA: Financial services firms are embracing the value of Application Programming Interface(API) having understood that to better compete in the industry, they must curate their digital capabilities. Commercial banks in recent years have...

Reforming Taxation with Automation
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Digitalization of tax calculation and payment process is an initiative to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right and keep on top of their affairs. It makes tax administration more effective, efficient, and easier for...

Automation for Enhanced Efficiency in the Procure-to-Pay Process
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Most enterprises miss out on the full benefits of automation because they pick the wrong technology or take the wrong approach during its deployment. The terms procurement automation, payments automation, and invoice payment or AP automation are...

Clear Outlooks from the Cloud Giving CFOs Assured Enterprise Visibility
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Mario Spanicciati, Chief Strategy Officer, BlackLine

Today’s Chief Financial Officer has one of the most challenging job in business, entrusted with managing the financial risks of global and increasingly complex enterprises. If the financial statement is incorrect, the CFO’s...

An Insight in ECC Data Issues Impacting Financial Results
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Eric Brink, CEO, ERPmenu

Introduction In the day and age of Big data and Business Intelligence (BI) one thing stays the same; data quality, which is a pre-requisite for good reports and management informations. When the data in your SAP ERP system is...

Delivering a Digital Experience to Corporate Clients
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Today, customers demand an improved and engaging experience from their banks, therefore, the way banks serve their customers needs to change and evolve. Clients want their banks to deliver real-time visibility into their financial transactions...

At the Center of any Successful Enterprise is Technology
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Rosa Akhtarkhavari, CIO, City of Orlando

Technology plays an increasingly critical role in supporting all aspects of an enterprise such as meeting strategic goals, optimizing operations, and delivering relevant and timely information to decision makers. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)...

Maximizing IT ROI
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James Mazarakis, EVP & CTO, WSFS Bank

What changes have you seen in ITSM? In the last five years, enterprises have witnessed the growing need of IT service management (ITSM) to not only focus on fulfilling IT service requests as quickly as possible but also seek ways to reduce...

Digitizing Main Street: There is No They
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Stacy Cox, COO & SVP, Croghan Colonial Bank

Digitizing Main Street means bringing competitive digital banking products to your neighbors and friends next door. Developing digital products in a community bank is different from the digital development that occurs in a larger bank....

The Lessons of Ancient Mariners
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Michael J. Ford, Senior Compliance Officer, BDP International

It is 697 BC. The Phoenician merchant ship Nabu set sail two days ago from the commercial port hub of Tyre on today’s Lebanese coast, carrying a wealth of merchandise from Western Asia across the Mediterranean Sea. The Nabu, named for the...

Strategy-led Treasury Management
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Bruce Edlund, Director of Treasury, Citrix

When you attend a treasury conference, there is always an overarching theme that they try to convey in the title, the keynote speech and in the sessions. What I have noticed during my 13 years working in corporate treasury, occasionally attending...

Embracing Treasury Management Workstation
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Rafael Martinez-Chapman, Treasurer and SVP, Level 3 Communications

As a global company with presence in over 60 countries, Level 3 has to address a higher level of complexity in its treasury operations than most firms–currencies, regulations, time zones, working capital requirements, banking relationships,...

The 2017 Treasury and IT Project List
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Ashish Advani, Former Director of Global Treasury and International Tax, SWM International, Corporate Treasury Adviser & Private Consultant

The new year is upon us and as the festivities die down, my mind wanders to the critical projects that need to be undertaken within Treasury for 2017 which require assistance from the IT department. The adage–Cash is King, rang true in...

Building a Digital Enterprise
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Howard Bruck, CIO, Hudson Valley Bank

We can envision the “Digital Enterprise” where the latest technology has been thoughtfully applied to an organization’s business processes. Standard activities are automated, tasks are routed through the company by a rules based...

Software Defined Networks- A New Spine for IT
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Scott Fenton, VP & CIO, Wind River

Trends in Software Defined Networking Today, we are seeing Software Defined Networking and Software Defined Data Centers appearing everywhere. This market worth 960 million dollars in 2015 is projected to reach 8 billion in 2018. The...

Ease Launches Beacon for Auditing System Automation
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MISSION VIEJO, CA: Ease, provider of production floor optimization software releases its new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product – Beacon, to guide manufacturers automate auditing systems and improve layered process audit (LPA) programs....

FreedomPay: Opening Doors of Payment Technology Integration
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Chris Kronenthal, President & CTO

FreedomPay acts as a bridge that links the client's entire existing infrastructure, enabling them to innovate and accelerate product adoption. FreedomPay’s platform acts on detailed data collected across all POS and ERP systems and uses one...

iSPIRAL IT Solutions: Comprehensive Compliance with KYC and AML
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Anastasios Ttiniozou, Executive Director

iSPIRAL IT Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of regtech software solutions. They are a boutique-style software company delivering tailored solutions for resolving specific client problems. iSPIRAL takes a holistic approach to KYC and AML that...

Clarity Technologies: Consultants Provide Customized Solutions for the Mortgage Industry
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Michael Lopez, Founder

Clarity Technologies is a tax-oriented mortgage technology consulting company at the forefront of any advice with the ROI. The business requires a systematic approach to finding the correct solution as technology professionals. Clarity...