Protecting Business from Cyberfraud
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Cyberfraud is any type of deliberate deception for an unlawful gain with the use of computer or computer data. The term covers a wide range of criminal activities including identity theft, hacking, phishing, cyberstalking, copyright infringement...

Need of New Age Technologies to Counter Payment Frauds
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Payment frauds are no new in the market. With the existence of currency frauds have also found existence in some or the other way, digital currencies are also not barred from payments fraud. Improvising banking security is an essential part of the...

Is Your Mobile Banking App Safe? Follow These Nine Steps to Enhance Mobile App Security
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Industries are getting transformed with the power of digital technologies; the banking landscape is not left behind since customers expect innovative methods to interact with financial organizations. It is of great significance for the finance...

Embracing AI in the FinTech Industry
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Financial technology has grown at an exponential speed and is dominating the financial services landscape globally currently. This sector involves companies that utilize different technologies in financial systems. Fintech includes all possible...

A Different but Effective Approach to Preventing a Cyber Breach
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Sergio Pinon, Senior Vice President & Director of Security, Ocean Bank

Hardly a day passes that we don’t hear of a new security breach or learn details of a cyber attack and how it succeeded. The task of keeping abreast of breach reports and notifications can be daunting for those responsible for information...

AI and its Potential in Fintech - if we can make it unbiased!
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Ralf Ohlhausen, Business Development Director at PPRO Group

By now we’ve all seen the predictions that eventually artificial intelligence will become so powerful that we’ll yield our autonomy to machines. Robots will drive society’s critical systems: from power, and communications to even...

Information Security is More than Information Technology
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Nick Coussoule, SVP & CIO, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Training. Education. Role play. More training. These are the key ingredients of a secure organization, because at its core, information security is about people. Generally they are the weakest link in the security chain, yet they are also the...

Preventing Big Data Breach
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Recently, there has been an exponential increase in digitization of one’s personal data due to various online subscriptions or purchase. Though the advantages are plenty, one cannot ignore the risk of hackers using this data for identity...

Managing Digital Transformation by IT and Security Teams
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Elena Kvochko, CIO, Group Security Function, Barclays [LON:BARC]

Over the last couple of decades, companies have expanded their digital presence by fostering technology innovation. As a result, they are able to deliver a variety of services, and reach more stakeholders with the same amount of effort and at a...

2017: New Year, Same Cyber-Security Issues
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Douglas Mullarkey, CIO & SVP, First Choice Loan Services Inc.

Welcome to 2017! It’s a new year, but we are dealing with the same old cyber-security problems. The focus this year for all CIOs should be on mitigating all cybersecurity risk for the banks we serve. Cybersecurity threats continue to grow...

Banking Compliance, Risk, and Regulatory Requirements: Playbook for the Attacker
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Mike Morris, CTO, root9B

The multitude of compliance, risk, and regulatory requirements for financial institutions continues to increase – leading to additional costs and complexities. Because of these costs, complexities, and often times organizational...

Defending Against Mega Breaches Starts with In-Depth Risk Assessment
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Bob Chaput, CEO, Clearwater Compliance LLC

The Ponemon Institute declared 2014 the “year of the mega breach,” defined as at least 10 million stolen records. In 2015, SC Magazine asked if we should just “get used to” mega breaches. In 2016, USA Today told the...

A New Approach to Security
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Donald Meyer, Head of Product Marketing, Cloud & Data Center, Check Point Software Technologies

Changing with the times is frequently overlooked when it comes to data center security. The technology powering today’s networks has become increasingly dynamic, but most data center admins still employ archaic security measures to protect...

Banks have a Choice: Facilitate Frictionless Commerce or Prepare for Disintermediation
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Carl Rutstein, Partner, A.T. Kearney

Technology-injected grease is being squirted into the gears of the payments process to remove friction that historically had been purposely embedded into commerce to serve various business purposes. That sand in the gears and speed bumps were by...

Ways to Take Friction Out of Cross-border Transfers
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David Thompson, EVP, Global Operations and Technology, CTO & CIO, Western Union

There are a few core trends that I see resonating across the industry; all have to do with providing ease and convenience for the customer and the capability to move money in minutes. The first is a firm’s ability to provide payments and...

Threat Intelligence: The New Frontier
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Wes Spencer, CIO, FNB Bank Inc.

Threat Intelligence: The New Frontier In 1941, at the height of World War II, Allied codebreakers were desperate to stop the German advance. One of the keys to victory for the Allies was a secret project known as Ultra. The goal of Ultra was to...

Effective Defense for New Attack Vectors
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Lonnie Carter, SVP, Information Security Manager, Ameris Bank

The changing landscape of security for technology and data is driving significant changes to the processes and tools needed to protect against and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Traditional security defenses such as firewalls, web filtering and...

Looking Forward to the Next Big Advancement
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Rusty Haferkamp, CIO & EVP, Central National Bank TX

Cyber security has soared from the back office to the boardroom. Nobody wants to see the incident response team have to prove their work. I guarantee nobody wants to see their names in the media for a breach. Doesn’t it seem like we (good IT...

Cyber Forza: Empowering Banks with Cybersecurity Intelligence
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Dr Venkat Rayapati, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Offers CISS - Cyber Intelligent Security Software products with AI Integration

Advanced Fraud Solutions: Enhanced Fraud Defense for Safe Financial Assets
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Lawrence Reaves, CEO

Safeguards financial assets by providing defense against check and card fraud losses

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