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How to Ignite your Digital Strategy with AI
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Martin Caupin, Data Scientist, BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking

Be Prepared to Change Mindsets In 2017, BNP Paribas committed a 3BEUR investment over three years dedicated to the Bank’s digital transformation, creating many new initiatives for the Bank. Transformation comes with a change of...

Artificial Intelligence and its Customer Value
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Chitralekha Das, AI Enthusiast, Senior Program/Project manager, Intralinks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a natural extension of human intelligence. While AI has been around for a while, it has become so ubiquitous that it touches every one of us in some shape or form. There are numerous resources that capture how AI...

The Technology Impact on Industries - An overview
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Tim FitzGerald, SVP & CDO, EverBank

1) How do you strike the balance between operations and innovation among your IT staff? I strongly believe in investing in people. They are the greatest asset your organization has. I encourage people to seek personal development and to keep...

buguroo: Prevent Online Fraud at Every Stage
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Pablo de la Riva, Founder & CEO

Cybersecurity company specializing in the development of software for online fraud prevention

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