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Importance of Artificial Intelligence in AdTech
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Artificial Intelligence is spreading its roots in every sector, and there is no surprise that Advertising Technologies (AdTech) is affected by it. AdTech is still in the infancy stage but is growing as fast as the World Wide Web grew in the past....

Artificial Intelligence and its Customer Value
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Chitralekha Das, AI Enthusiast, Senior Program/Project manager, Intralinks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a natural extension of human intelligence. While AI has been around for a while, it has become so ubiquitous that it touches every one of us in some shape or form. There are numerous resources that capture how AI...

Banking on Trust: The Role of Security
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Tom Watson, VP-IT and Digital, Global CISO, Sealed Air Corporation

Corporate security has often been an afterthought in many industries. Although companies are quick to introduce new software applications, improve network architecture, and adopt cloud for storing data, security aspects of these technologies is...

Transforming Financial Services with BI
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As more and more organizations across industry verticals implement business intelligence (BI) to enhance their efficiency and reduce their workload, financial institutions are also no longer far behind in the technology race. Analytics and the use...

Cybersecurity in New Payment Ecosystems
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With the evolution of payment ecosystems one of the major issues that arise is that of cybersecurity. When looking at the victims of cyber attacks, no one is really shown mercy—the government, financial institutions, large, medium and small...

Technology: Compliance Program Asset? Liability?
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Ike Gibbs, VP & CCO, Direct Energy

A common discussion point among compliance professionals is the role of technology in enhancing the capabilities of a compliance program. While the history of reliance on technology as a compliance asset differs across industries, the consensus...

Ninth Wave: Harmonizing Access to Financial Data
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George Anderson, CEO & Founder

Offers financial data access solution for banks, fintech companies, premier wealth managers, and other third parties

AI Foundry: Reimagining How a Mortgage is Manufactured
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Alex Levi, VP of Sales, Jill Jones, VP of Marketing, Steve Butler, Founder & President, Percy Johnson, VP of Solutions and Peter Piela, Director of Solution Development

Provides banking and lending organization with a future-ready business, by automating manual processes, classifying and extracting data, and increasing productivity

IMTF: Ensuring Compliance while Offering the Best Customer Experience
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Johannes Hennekeuser, Head of RegTech

Swiss provider of RegTech solutions improving FIs' regulatory compliance and customer experience

Opus: Transforming Risk into Competitive Advantage
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Emanuele Conti, CEO & Director

Provides cutting-edge KYC solutions driven by data technologies to mitigate the risks around customers, vendors, and third-party partners

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