How Technology drives Employee Experience... and Outcomes
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Claudette McGowan, Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Technology Employee Experience, BMO Financial Group

The global workforce is undergoing a massive shift. By 2020, Gen Z—those born between 1995 and 2012—will make up roughly 20 percent of the workforce; by 2025 it’s expected that Millennials will account for nearly three quarters...

eCurrency with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Announces Commercial Launch of ePiso, a digital Philippine Peso
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DUBLIN -- eCurrency Mint Limited (eCurrency) has collaborated with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) to unleash its digital money product- ePiso in the Philippines.  RCBC stated that it is in support of the regulatory sandbox...

Cyber: Facing a New Frontier of Risk
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Jason Kelly, Head of Liabilities and Financial Lines for Greater China, Australasia and South Korea, AIG

The convenience of today’s increasingly connected world has brought with it a new form of risk: cyber. With news of large-scale cyber incidents appearing every few days, businesses around the globe are finally starting to sit up and take the...

How Wind Owners can Benefit from Fintech Platforms
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Digitalization has created an impact on almost every stage of a wind farm’s lifecycle. Software simulations and analytics, for instance, are assisting wind planner and owners in optimizing turbine placement and project development. With the...

Artificial Intelligence in Banking Sectors
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The pace at which companies are inclining towards the adoption of Artificial Intelligence is incredible and the financial sector is not exempted from this trend.  According to a report, financial institutions that invest in AI and...

DNotes Global Inc Announces Proof Of Concept For DNotes Pay Automated Online Payment System
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DNotes Global, Inc. announced on Friday that an experimental Proof of Concept for its DNotes Pay automated online payment tool is now available for download and testing. The new payment system is a streamlined, simplified, and user-friendly tool...

Combating Organizational Financial Risks
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Cris Luce, CMO & CTO, Accuro AgriServices

The modern world is defined, in large part, by electronic communication and the massive storage and exchange of digital information. While the Internet and other systems allow companies to operate on a global basis and enable geographically...

Blockchain Technology: The Next Great Infrastructure for Commerce, The Community and the World
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Andrea Tinianow, Director, Global Delaware

Over the last several years, blockchain’s reputation has done a 180. Once linked (negatively) with bitcoin, the technology is now mainstream as leaders in every sector scramble to understand the technology and explore how it can best be...

Does a Fintech Partner Make Sense for My Bank?
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Noah Breslow, CEO, OnDeck

Where and how small businesses access capital has changed a lot in the last few years. Although traditional sources like the local bank remain one of the first places an entrepreneur may look when seeking financing, other lenders, such as...

Cloud Lending Solutions Announces Latest Software Release for the Leasing and Asset Finance Industry
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SAN MATEO, CA: Cloud Lending Solutions, a leader in cloud-based leasing software, announced major advancements to its end-to-end leasing solution, CL Lease™ for Self-Financed Lessors, Externally Funded Leases and Captives. CL Lease™ is...

Cloud Lending Solutions Announces Latest Software Release for Commercial Bank Lenders
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SAN MATEO, CA: Cloud Lending Solutions, a leader in cloud-based commercial lending and leasing software, announced upgrades to its end-to-end suite of products for its commercial lending clients using: CL Loan™, CL Lease™, CL...

Cloud Lending Solutions Announces Major Expansion of the CL Solution Suite with New Product: CL Portal
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SAN MATEO, CA: Cloud Lending Solutions, a leader in cloud-based loan and leasing software, announced upgrades to its end-to-end suite of lending products for its commercial banks, retail banks and credit union clients with the expansion of its...

Digital Now!
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Eddie Ho, CIO, Los Alamos National Bank

Millennials and Fintechs. It seems each time a CEO returns from a conference, those two concerns dominate the conversation. The Fintech’s digital banking options have laid the groundwork for the democratization of self-service financial...

Reshaping Financial Industry through Intelligence and Automation
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Siamak Amirghodsi, VP, Data Management & Analytics, OCC

As the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing house, OCC delivers cost-efficient and world-class risk management, clearing and settlement services to the listed options market. Regulated counterparties (CCPs) such as OCC have...

Matrix-IFS Expands AML Team, Adds Debra Geister to Lead AML Advisory Services
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JERSEY CITY, NJ: Matrix International Financial Services (Matrix-IFS), a global specialist providing business and technology solutions specifically for the challenging, complex needs of the global financial industry and capital markets has...

Fast Forward: The Future of Faster Payments is Now
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Deborah Phillips, AAP Managing Director of Payment Strategy, Jack Henry & Associates

Faster payments is arguably one of the most important opportunities emerging on the U.S. financial services landscape. The push to bring real-time payments to the U.S. is already underway, driven by the global proliferation of real-time...

Defending Against Mega Breaches Starts with In-Depth Risk Assessment
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Bob Chaput, CEO, Clearwater Compliance LLC

The Ponemon Institute declared 2014 the “year of the mega breach,” defined as at least 10 million stolen records. In 2015, SC Magazine asked if we should just “get used to” mega breaches. In 2016, USA Today told the...

Remodeling the Financial Services Industry with IT Transformation
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Todd Larson, CIO, Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group

Over the past few decades, the financial services industry as a whole has been witnessing a proliferation of pooled investment products. That revolution is transforming the manner in which people invest, firms distribute, and operate. It also...

The Goldman Sachs Effect on the Future of Banking is All about Millennial Digital Experience
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Alan Royal, Head of Technology Innovation & Business Transformation, Strategy CIO

The Goldman Sach’s One Dollar Virtual Bank Recently, posted on TechCrunch, was the announcement that Goldman Sachs launched “GS Bank, a virtual bank with a $1 minimum deposit.” As this announcement was not largely picked up...

Transformation of Financial Industry through Data Analytics
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Alan Royal, Head of Technology Innovation and Business Transformation, Strategy CIO

Ex-Barclay's CEO, Antony Jenkins, recently said incumbent banking institutions “… risk becoming merely capital-providing utilities that operate in a highly regulated, less profitable environment” in addition to suggesting...

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