The Future of Cryptocurrency
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Cryptocurrency boomed and garnered a huge audience and uncovered the ways blockchains’ functionality could be used. A secure platform for transactions, storing information, and record keeping via encryption is the core of blockchain....

Blockchain for Global Retail Banking
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Blockchain technology which gained prominence after the much-hyped Bitcoin ecosystem has stimulated the interest of the banking and financial sector. It has become one of the extended techniques and has found a keen audience in the banking sector...

Universal Digital Identity-How to Get it Right?
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Dr. Michael Gorriz, Group CIO, Standard Chartered Bank

Whether you shop online, engage e-services or post on social media channels, everyone has a digital identity that represents you as a unique individual, usually based on your email, national ID or mobile phone number. At the same time, what...

Fast-forwarding the Financial Industry with Advanced Technology
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The blockchain technology has created a highly positive impact in several industries and offers various opportunities toward innovation and growth. Blockchain, especially in the financial sector, provides numerous benefits. It is a digitized...

Ten Examples of How Technologies are Revolutionizing Retail Banking
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The competition is rising with the onset of new disruptive technologies and the main forces resulting in this change is customer expectations, shifting economies, new competition and the list goes on. IoT, Big Data and Blockchain have gained...

New Alliances Will Drive FinTech Innovation
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Sheri Rhodes, Chief Technology Officer, Western Union

Q. What are your top priorities for 2018 and how is technology transforming a legendary brand like Western Union? My top priorities might surprise people who don’t think of Western Union as a profoundly digital financial technology...

Compete or Partner: Banks See Rise of FinTech Solutions
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Christopher Kennedy, VP-Quantitative Finance Manager, BankUnited [NYSE:BKU]

FinTech-or simply financial technology—is moving at the speed of innovation. FinTech originally represented the shift of traditional brick-and-mortar banking to online and mobile platforms. Now, FinTech embodies a deluge of Silicon Valley...

Blockchain Technology: The Next Great Infrastructure for Commerce, The Community and the World
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Andrea Tinianow, Director, Global Delaware

Over the last several years, blockchain’s reputation has done a 180. Once linked (negatively) with bitcoin, the technology is now mainstream as leaders in every sector scramble to understand the technology and explore how it can best be...

Ways to Take Friction Out of Cross-border Transfers
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David Thompson, EVP, Global Operations and Technology, CTO & CIO, Western Union

There are a few core trends that I see resonating across the industry; all have to do with providing ease and convenience for the customer and the capability to move money in minutes. The first is a firm’s ability to provide payments and...

Pushing the Needle of Innovation in Banking
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Jojo Seva, CIO, NEFCU

Technology and NEFCU NEFCU is in a transformational phase where we intend to leverage existing and emerging technologies to be more strategic. For me, the essence of strategy is to create competitive advantage. Simply having a technology...

BlockTrail Unveils Multi Platform Bitcoin Wallet with Decentralization
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FREMONT, CA: BlockTrail, provider of bitcoin infrastructure, launches multi platform bitcoin wallet, which implements multi signature and HD wallet reports Natasha Lomas for TechCrunch. It is available for iOS, Android and web devices. This new...

IBM Discovers Malware that Attacks Money Transfer in Banks
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FREMONT, CA: IBM discovers malware that steals funds from banks. A new variant of the Dyre (Dyreza) financial malware targets numerous financial institutions by infusing sophisticated propagation and evasion techniques. The report from IBM...

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