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SAS Deploys Cloud Based Models to Address Big Data and Cyber Crime Challenge
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FREMONT, CA: Organizations these days are facing host of challenges. Big Data and cyber attacks have become a recurrent nightmare for the organizations, therefore to cope with these problems, the solution provider companies are coming up with...

Data Is Your Crystal Ball
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Satish Mehta, VP, Data Architecture and Analytic, Staples

As any other business domain, retail is equally data hungry-so much so that data is the new currency. Data or lack of it is also a key differentiator between success and failure. Recall the battles between David and Goliath of Movie...

Attacking the Legacy Environment
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David J. Castellani, BIO, New York Life Insurance Company

Commitment to transform and grow The greatest challenge is to simplify to innovate. Organizations must commit to reducing their legacy environments, IT assets and structures to free up capital to transform and grow. From a business perspective...

DefenseStorm: Full-stack Cybersecurity Management
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Sean Feeney, CEO

A security data platform that watches everything going on in a network, providing cybersecurity management which is safe, compliant and cost effective

Securonix: A Cognitive Data Defender
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Tanuj Gulati, CTO

Provider of intelligent behavioral-analytics security software

Actian: Transforming Big Data into Monetary Value
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Steve Shine, CEO and President

Provides solution for mitigating risk with high-performance in-database analytics complemented with extensive connectivity and data preparation

TDT: Unlocking the Power of Analytics
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Michael G. Foliot, Founder, President and CEO

A provider of business analytics, predictive analytics, consulting, and services for business process transformation

Mambu: Powering Businesses with a Flexible SaaS Platform
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Eugene Danilkis, CEO & Co-founder

Provides a cloud-based banking solution, which offers an alternative to the costs and complexities of traditional core banking systems.

Praesidio: Redefining Secure Banking on the Cloud
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Sean Cassidy, CTO

Provides a cloud-based cyber security management solution that includes network monitoring, policy governance, and real-time analytics.

FICO: Assuring Growth in the Evolving Financial Landscape
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William J Lansing, CEO

Provider of computer analytics software and tools that makes data readily available to multiple industries

Evolven: Blended Analytics: Next Generation ITOA technology
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Sasha Gilenson, Founder & CEO

Evolven’s IT Operations Analytics delivers the intelligence IT operations crave, turning piles of data into actionable information.

Actian: Advanced End-to-end Analytics Platform
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Steve Shine, CEO

Actian Analytics manages large sets of data at a faster rate with better performance.

3 Primary Considerations to Streamline Omnichannel Banking
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Banks can cover the cost of restructuring their legacy systems through the long-term benefits of omnichannel banking. FREMONT, CA: In the context of banking, omnichannel refers to a wide range of integrated digital platforms offering an...

Top 3 Techniques Transforming Mortgage
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The new-age mortgage lenders are exploring innovative solutions to transform the mortgage business ways and offer tech-driven services to borrowers.   FREMONT, CA: The rising demands for affordable housing encourage mortgage lenders to...

5 Emerging Trends in Mobile Banking
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With the proliferation of smartphones, banking sectors are leveraging mobile technology to attract customers FREMONT, CA: Technological advancements have resulted in the transformation of industrial processes at an impressive pace. Emerging...

How Recent Technological Advancements Such as AI, Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data And AR/VR Among Others have Transformed Mobile Banking
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Ronaldi Laksana, IT Group Head - Digital & Front End Solutions, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk

Mobile Banking is no longer perceived as only a tool or just a banking app for most people. In today's digitized world, mobile banking serves multiple purposes to fulfill the financial needs of customers at different level, across generations....

Advanced Big Data Analytics Transforming the Banking Industry
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Digitalization and big data are setting the stage for a new age for banking and finance companies. With the correct technological advantages in place, the industry is quickly improving. FREMONT, CA: In the technological world, many sectors look...

Intelligent Machine Learning System Molding the Future of Financial Services
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William J Lansing, CEO

The financial services industry is dealing with record amounts of data than ever, so smarter analytics will become the competitive differentiator among financial service companies.   FREMONT, CA: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB)...

More Personalized Banking Experiences with AI and ML
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Digital consultants are altering the investment landscape, with AI-powered platforms streamlining banking and asset management relationships. FERMONT, CA: Fintech is one of the largest industries in which technological progress has seen...

Exploring the Advantages of Big Data in Banking Services
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Banking and financial services firms are building a strong foundation in using data by integrating it to their operations for maximum output.  FREMONT, CA: In this digital world, data has become exceptionally essential, and financial...