Essential Points for Disaster Recovery Planning
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Banks, credit unions and other businesses always have the threat of cyber attack. Cybersecurity has become one of the greatest concerns for all organizations around the world especially for those which are associated with sensitive data are highly...

AI, Robotics and Data Analytics in Banking
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Banking is one of the industries which has undergone a massive technological shift. The digital era of banking has come, and the customers are expecting a consistent service experience- be it online, mobile, kiosks or the bank branch. This...

Chart the Way Forward: Why Banks Need AI & Machine Learning Today
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Prashant Shukla, Director, Oracle ASEAN

Everywhere you Look in Banking Change is on the Horizon New and emerging technologies are driving digital disruption, which in turn is bringing fresh competition and global trends. At the macro level, the rise of FinTech and the call for...

Digital Shaping Customer Experience in the Banking Industry
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Sara Rountree, SVP Digital Strategy, Union Bank & Trust

There’s a revolution happening around the way we live and work which is driving the most rapid change in digital customer experience we’ve ever seen. Data and analytics are being used to develop increasingly more personalized...

Going Digital: The Fintech Landscape Roadmap
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Zahid Afzal, CEO, Home Savings

Technologies that will Rule the Banking industry Many significant changes are happening in the financial industry, especially around technology. Banks have always been innovative and creative with their products and services. Today, with the...

Need of New Age Technologies to Counter Payment Frauds
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Payment frauds are no new in the market. With the existence of currency frauds have also found existence in some or the other way, digital currencies are also not barred from payments fraud. Improvising banking security is an essential part of the...

Innovations Disrupting the FinTech Market
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Investment in fintech continues to increase, breaking records with a rise in venture capital investment across the globe.  The fintech industry is changing the procedure of lending, payments, insurance, and credit settlements. Fintech...

eCurrency with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Announces Commercial Launch of ePiso, a digital Philippine Peso
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DUBLIN -- eCurrency Mint Limited (eCurrency) has collaborated with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) to unleash its digital money product- ePiso in the Philippines.  RCBC stated that it is in support of the regulatory sandbox...

FinTech: The Changing Force Behind Digital Lending
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A few years ago, securing a business loan was arduous and painful. The applicant must have some pull with the upper management with bank officials, and even then the loan was not guaranteed. FinTech is changing the entire lending landscape....

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Banking Industry
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Imperishable changes have been witnessed in the banking industry with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). Organizations gravitate towards new age technologies and seek a competitive edge by achieving improvements in speed, accuracy,...

Tips to improve customer experience by AI-powered mobile banking apps
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Banking sectors today are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to stay alive in the growing competition. Creating successful artificial intelligence strategy paves the growth for the banking institutions. Banking sectors’ increasingly...

Is Your Mobile Banking App Safe? Follow These Nine Steps to Enhance Mobile App Security
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Industries are getting transformed with the power of digital technologies; the banking landscape is not left behind since customers expect innovative methods to interact with financial organizations. It is of great significance for the finance...

A New Era in Banking Technology
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Michael Noftsger, Executive Vice President, Bank Administration, Forcht Bank

In today’s fast-paced, technology-fueled environment, three years of time in banking can eclipse a decade or more when compared to the past. Even during the sluggish economy from 2008 until late 2016, vast improvements were made in banking...

Ubiquitous Retail Banking
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Kevin Stehl, Vice President of Marketing, Product and Digital, SECU Credit Union

It may be difficult for anyone under 30 to believe, but there was a time when banking transactions were conducted face-to-face. Needed to deposit your paycheck? You had to head to your local bank or credit union, fill out a deposit slip, and...

The Age of Mobile Banking: AnInsightful Analysis
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A report from the BBA, a trade association in the UK banking sector, named “Way We Bank Now” has stated that most of the banking customers prefer online banking services. Even the common people are increasingly adopting mobile banking...

Tips to improve customer experience in the mobile-banking world
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Online banking nowadays is handy and befitting for many reasons. There is no time for people to go to the banks and wait in a queue for account opening or transactions. As adoption of online banking is growing very rapidly the banking sector has...

Conversional AI: A More Privileged Banking
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IT decision makers believe that AI is needed in the banking, financial services and, insurance (BFSI) segments and that it will lead to drastic growth in operational efficiency and will essentially transform the core financial processes....

Experience Transformation: A different way of considering the branch of the future and three technologies that will set you apart
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Matthew Gaspari, EVP/COO, Tucson Federal Credit Union

"Analytics, Chat Bots, Artificial Intelligence, Self Service, and many others are part of a strategic discussion going on in financial institutions. Understandably, given the pace of innovation and the level of disruption, finding a...

IoT and Its Impact on Banking and Financial Institutions
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IoT has gained a lot of importance in the technology industry in recent times. It is a way of communication between interconnected devices by sharing of information. It has brought technology at the fingertips of a consumer. Organizations are also...

How Blockchain can Revolutionize Banking and Finance Sector
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Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed list of records called blocks. The blocks which are linked using cryptography, contain cryptographic hash functions of the previous block, a log of time sheets of each data entry and transaction data....

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