Is AI the New Silver Bullet for Banks Today?
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Technology, particularly artificial intelligence, is shaking the banking industry. Here's how AI eliminates overdraft fees, offers guidance on wealth management, and removes privacy threats. FERMONT, CA: Banking sees a wide opportunity to...

3 Major Trends Transforming CX in Banking
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The proliferation of digital banking is encouraging the banks to streamline their financial offerings resulting in enhanced customer experience. FREMONT, CA: Customer experience is an important aspect of any industry. Technology has...

Data Analytics Gaining Momentum in the Banking Sector
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Glen Siegel Designation: Director of Strategy and Analytics, CapStar Bank

In light of your experience, what are the major challenges that you have seen in the Banking Analytical space, and what are the emerging trends? Talking about my experience, I have been in the financial services space, especially in data...

Top 5 Features that Mobile Banking Apps Must Have
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With mobile banking companies vying for the attention of consumers, advanced mobile banking apps must have innovative features that offer a wide spectrum of functionalities.     FREMONT, CA: Customers today expect their...

Can Mobile Banking Enhance the Banking Services?
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The arrival of mobile phones has hastened the growth of banking apps to alleviate their functioning for the customers. FREMONT, CA Innovation has significantly affected the financial sector with less time and effort while upgrading security....

How is Digital Onboarding in Banks Superior to Manual Onboarding?
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The process of customer onboarding in banks is central to improving customer experience, and by going digital, banking firms can enjoy several benefits.  FREMONT, CA: Digitalization has become the norm in banking. Banking companies have...

Here Is How CIO Can Influence Banking
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Banking CIOs agree that the key components for a good digital transition are management, capability holes are crammed, a particular vision is established, and advantages are recognized. FREMONT, CA: Electronic metamorphosis is sweeping through...

Top 4 AI Offerings Enhancing Banking CX
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Customer expectations are higher than ever in today's competitive world. With Ai, banks are looking to provide hyper-personalized experiences to customers.    FERMONT, CA: In recent years, the prevalent use of Artificial...

Digital Transformation and the Changing Landscape of Banks
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Denys Diaz, Executive Vice President & CIO, TowneBank

Banking as an industry is facing a tremendous amount of growth and opportunity. The emergence of rapidly advancing technologies has opened a vast array of possibilities. This has also fueled some conjectures such as: “Is technology replacing...

Why are Financial Institutions Moving towards Edge Computing?
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With the exponential growth of technology and the expansion of banking facilities, edge computing offers a means to address and manage the distributed banking segments. FREMONT, CA: Banks and financial institutions are continually upgrading...

The Cloud and AI are enabling a new generation of rapidly evolving digital banks
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Paul Clark, CTO, Tandem Bank

Digitisation in banking is more than launching an app or embracing online banking, it is about investing in the right systems and embracing the capabilities of the cloud and AI. Secure your foundations and you can scale, evolve, and serve...

Fintech Partnerships & the Future of Digital Banking
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Chris Tremont, EVP / Virtual Banking, Radius Bank

Digital banking has completely revolutionized the banking industry by offering the convenience, mobility, and flexibility of products and services that today’s modern consumers and small businesses have come to expect. Through advances in...

3 Realistic Expectations from Advanced Fraud Analytics Solutions
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Banks, faced with complicated digital security scenarios, are looking to guard their systems and customer data with analytics-based approaches.    FREMONT, CA: Banks are in the pursuit of finding feasible ways of securing systems and...

Why is Europe Shifting to Biometric Payment Cards?
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Europe is in a mode of anticipation as pilot projects for biometric payment cards pick up pace allowing providers to determine the benefits of the new technology. FREMONT, CA: Cards are one of the most popular means of payment across Europe....

Are Mobile Banking Applications CIOs' Focus of Interest?
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CIOs are tapping into massive potentials of mobile banking applications to improve their banking institution’s service standards.    FREMONT, CA: The changing lifestyle of modern-age customers creates significant impacts on...

How Long Before the Door Closes on Open Banking?
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Andrew Cregan, Policy Advisor (Head of Payments Policy), British Retail Consortium

New and innovative ways to pay have been coming on the scene for years, some making a more successful splash than others. Solutions like Amazon’s one-click, and partnerships such as that of Uber and Stripe, have broken new ground in...

Reinventing Corporate Banking with Blockchain
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Guilhem Vincens, Head of Change and Innovation APAC, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Trade Finance transactions form the foundation of the global financial system and strangely, the tedious, paper and labour intensive documentation process designed to minimise risk and enhance assurance has barely changed in the last century....

To Keep Control on Cloud Price Increases
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Cyril Bartolo, Corporate Head of Applications, Lagardere Group

In the society trend which is moving people from perpetual owners to flexible (or precarious ?) renters, our old good and perpetual software licenses became precarious cloud subscriptions, potentially leading to numerous difficulties for cloud...

5 Emerging Trends in Mobile Banking
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With the proliferation of smartphones, banking sectors are leveraging mobile technology to attract customers FREMONT, CA: Technological advancements have resulted in the transformation of industrial processes at an impressive pace. Emerging...

How Recent Technological Advancements Such as AI, Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data And AR/VR Among Others have Transformed Mobile Banking
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Ronaldi Laksana, IT Group Head - Digital & Front End Solutions, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk

Mobile Banking is no longer perceived as only a tool or just a banking app for most people. In today's digitized world, mobile banking serves multiple purposes to fulfill the financial needs of customers at different level, across generations....