Financial Service's Battle against Fraudulent Activities using Big Data Analytics
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Fandhy H. Siregar, Head Of Internal Audit, PT. Bank Resona Perdania

Combating financial crime can no longer be an acceptable cost of doing business. At the same time, financial service produces billions of data from their activities every day. Financial service institution is operating in highly regulated industry...

Solving the Riddle of Overwhelming Technology Options
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Rick Watrall, Chief Analytics Officer, Horizon Media

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years? Like a lot of industries, the focus has shifted from having data as part of the operations to leveraging it (through analytics) for strategic value. Though this has been...

The Evolving Role of Financial Planning-and How IT Can Help
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Ken Levey, Vice President of Financial Institutions, Kaufman Hall

In recent years, finance teams in banks and credit unions have become instrumental in driving their institutions’ financial planning and profitability analysis. As their responsibilities continue to expand beyond reporting, they require more...

Risk and Compliance in Banking Sector
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Eric Crabtree, VP, Global Head of Financial Services, UNISYS

When it comes to risk management, the one certainty is that future regulatory measures will present challenges to banks and financial institutions. We can make assumptions that future compliance requirements will revolve around protecting the...

Ingenuous: Reinvigorating Banking Security
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Clint Mills, CEO

Renders flexible fraud prevention and compliance solutions with innovative and differentiating features

One Touch Tech Solutions: Facilitating Mobility with Cloud Solutions
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Cinta Lu, CEO

Renders solutions to build, maintain, and support business critical applications for enterprise clients

MortgageFlex Systems: One System for all Mortgage Channels
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Lester Dominick, CEO

Provides innovative mortgage loan origination and servicing software solutions to the lending industry

Temenos: Revolutionizing Core Banking
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David Arnott, CEO

A future-proof, modern-core and real-time core banking solution that combats the risks and complexities of core banking efficiently

ADRM Software: Helping Banks Transition to a Modern Data and Analytics Architecture, On premise and in the Cloud
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Kevin Schofield, President & CEO

Provides comprehensive banking data models that enable banks to rapidly transition to an integrated, modern analytic architecture, while reducing risk and benefiting from best practices

Temenos: Eliminating Data Breaches and Risk through Cloud-based Platform
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David Arnott, CEO

Offers cloud banking solutions for a scalable, manageable technology model that reduces IT hardware, maintenance, and development costs.

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