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How Recent Technological Advancements Such as AI, Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data And AR/VR Among Others have Transformed Mobile Banking
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Ronaldi Laksana, IT Group Head - Digital & Front End Solutions, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk

Mobile Banking is no longer perceived as only a tool or just a banking app for most people. In today's digitized world, mobile banking serves multiple purposes to fulfill the financial needs of customers at different level, across generations....

Ten Examples of How Technologies are Revolutionizing Retail Banking
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The competition is rising with the onset of new disruptive technologies and the main forces resulting in this change is customer expectations, shifting economies, new competition and the list goes on. IoT, Big Data and Blockchain have gained...

Seven Uses of Machine Learning in Banking Industry
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And just like other industries, financial institutions are exploring and implementing Artificial Intelligence in multiple ways to simplify banking-processes. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, AI, Blockchain are the latest technological trends...

Shoppers demand AR in Retail Mobile Apps
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As Augmented Reality (AR) is gaining prominence in almost all the industries; the retail market is all set to accept it. Retailers have an intense laser focus on providing high-quality and consistent brand experience to its customers. One-way...

Why Network Transformation is Key for Mobile Banking Strategies
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Christopher Bright, Managing Director for Financial Services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Similar to the disruption happening across the retail industry, where traditional retailers are pivoting to compete with ecommerce powerhouses, many financial institutions are facing the increasing need to invest in mobile banking strategies...