Using a Data Quality Framework to Accelerate Measuring Data Quality
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Mark Blanchette, SVP Director Business Technology and Data Management, Seacoast Bank

Let’s face it; doing data governance and data quality right is hard. If not, then why do many organizations struggle with starting and sustaining a data governance program? Perhaps the reason for the struggle is that organizations have a...

Transformations in Financial Technologies
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Jacob Sorensen, CIO, Bank of the West

Massive and rapid shifts in technology are affecting everything we do in our daily lives, from the way we move around within a city to how we buy groceries and communicate with each other. "Finance is at the forefront of moving from...

Change is the only Constant: Be Prepared and Stay Nimble Embrace Disruption, Don't Avoid it
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Kent Llewelyn, CIO, TAB Bank

We are living in a time when disruption rears its head more frequently than ever before. Depending on your situation or mindset this can either be the cause of great excitement or extreme anxiety. Over the course of my 20+ years in the technology...

Important Facts about RegTech
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RegTech, as the term suggests, is referred to technologies which are involved in making businesses regulatory compliant. As defined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK, RegTech is the process of adopting technology in order to stay...

Transformative Retail Banking
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Sangy Vatsa, EVP & CIO, Comerica Bank [NYSE: CMA]

There are four major digital trends that are influencing the banking industry, especially Retail Banking. Active and timely involvement with these trends will help banks benefit from these industry advancements. 1) Digital Banking –...

Reshaping the Banking Experience
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Sangy Vatsa, EVP & CIO, Comerica Bank [NYSE: CMA]

Current Pain Points One of the major tasks for CIOs is to methodically start increasing their share of mind and drive controlled operational and transformational shift through a culture of continuous experimentation, constructive...

Open Banking will be the New Standard of Banking
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Open banking has changed the perspective of financial institutions from viewing it as a threat to recognizing its potential in achieving digital transformation. It originates from the concept of open innovation, which centers on the idea of the...

Sailing through Financial Disruption
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Owing to the mass adoption of new digital technologies, the financial market has changed dramatically. The banking industry has witnessed a steep increase in closing off their physical branches and is allowing customers do their banking on-the-go...

Mobile Banking is as much a Platform Strategy as it is about the User Experience
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Christopher Danvers, VP Payments & Digital Services, American Airlines Federal Credit Union

It goes without saying that the user experience for mobile banking is critically important. Intuitiveness, ease of use, and how the end user feels after using the app will ultimately determine how successful your mobile banking strategy will...

IBM's Cloud Object Storage Group Unveiled New Functions
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IBM Cloud Object Storage is the foundational data store for IBM Cloud that helps companies in managing data growth. The integration of IBM Cloud Object Storage with the Watson Data Platform has become the recent biggest news. This integration...

Technology for Next-Gen Banking
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Zahid Afzal, Former CIO, Capital Bank (NASDAQ: CBF)

The past decade has witnessed a gradual shift from traditional branch office transactions to digital and mobile banking. The idea of digital banking spans various demographics and age groups and is perceived as beyond mobility generally...

Enterprise Architecture, Technology and their Relationship
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Michael King, VP, Enterprise Architecture, Lloyds Banking Group

When I was approached to write this article, I had multiple, somewhat conflicting reactions. The first prevailing reaction was excitement and gratitude for being granted the opportunity to write about something other than my internal design...

The Secure KM Switch: Secure Access to Critical Information for the Financial Professional
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John Minasyan, Director of Product Management, Belkin

The threat of debilitating cyber-attacks is at an all-time high. According to PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey, cybercrime is now the second most frequently reported economic crime with financial institutions being a favorite target....

Open Banking: Unbundling Services and Extending into Other Ecosystems
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Gavin Michael, Global Consumer Technology Head, Citi

Across today’s financial services industry, technology is driving change at an astonishing pace. Many players in the business are passionate about developing new customer experiences that are simple, personal, and human. Customers are...

Digital Now!
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Eddie Ho, CIO, Los Alamos National Bank

Millennials and Fintechs. It seems each time a CEO returns from a conference, those two concerns dominate the conversation. The Fintech’s digital banking options have laid the groundwork for the democratization of self-service financial...

Reach for Your Phone-Instead of Your Wallet
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Dion Lisle, VP, Head of Fintech, Capgemini [EPA:CAP]

It was 2006 when I entered the mobile payments business and set my goal to migrate from wallet to phone. That’s when I was introduced to BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless). And it was the first time I thought that a mobile...

Trends Shaping Mobile Banking In 2017 And Beyond
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Vivian Yeung, SVP, Head of Mobile, Online Banking & Digital Payments, Bank of the West

In late 2007, the first iPhone was released, bringing with it the mass adoption of a tool that would shape the way people interact with the world around them. The same progress that has seen the rise of revolutionary technologies—like...

ITIL and DevOps-Archenemies or Complementary Models?
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Dave Blodgett, Managing Director & CIO, CISO, HedgeServ

I recently read a blog post titled something like “the death of ITIL.” The essence of the post was the suggestion that DevOps would essentially supplant the role of ITIL in high functioning organizations. Reading the blog post made me...

The Age of Digital Banking
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Sangy Vatsa, EVP & CIO, Comerica Bank [NYSE:CMA]

Over the course of last few years, relevance of technology and as a result, the role of a CIO in the banking sector have both been elevated. In my view, the following five major factors have contributed to this change. “A business-savvy...

Service First in an Ever Mobile and Sensor Driven World
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Subu Musti, VP Mobile Solutions, Digital Payments Technology, MasterCard

Key Data and Trend As of 2014, There are more mobile devices on this planet than people (accounting for up to 1.5 mobile devices per user), and this year, for the first time, the number of sensors and other peripherals have outpaced the number...

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