Is Real-Time Payments Poised to Transform the Banking Sector?
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Matt Egyhazy, Commercial Bank CIO and Wilmington Trust CIO, M&T Bank

The world is in the midst of a radical digital transformation, and everything about everything is changing. Consumers expect to have easy access to products and services at the mere touch of a button, and in the financial services industry, heavy...

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) - Experiences from Today, Looking Towards Tomorrow
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Jonathan Kidd, Head of Digital Operations & Robotics, Bank of Ireland

One of the constant threads of discussion on Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is the relationship between RPA and artificial intelligence (AI). In reality, RPA just covers a small part of the broad AI landscape. The presentation of AI as being an...

Self-Service Business Intelligence, Why it is Essential?
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Hemant Todi, SVP, Rabobank

Disruption is not new in banking; after all, today’s banks look very different from even ten years ago. But the scale of separation and the pace of change are unprecedented. Digitalization is rapidly changing customer demands and...

Going Agile: Process Excellence & the Pursuit of Innovation
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Casey Greenstreet, AVP IT, Elevations Credit Union

Any organization experiencing rapid growth will find themselves outgrowing their old ways of do­ing business. In 2017, Elevations Credit Union faced this situation when we realized that our ex­pansion as an organization was outpacing our...

Innovative Treasury Management Solutions Gaining Traction Worldwide
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Thomas Leitch, Vice President, Business Development

With technology driving automation, visibility, and security, treasurers can find answers to almost all the challenges they face.    FREMONT, CA: TreasuryXpress, the worldwide leader of on-demand Treasury Management Solutions (TMS),...

Digitalization in Banking: Restructuring Recruitment
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Digital revolution is sure to transition the bankers of tomorrow while banks uncover new ways to succeed. FREMONT, CA: Technology adoption has transformed conventional banking models. In line with this progression, banks are now reconsidering...

Looking into Compliance Risk Management
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Scott Essex, Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, Citizens Financial Group

Advances in technology have been accelerating since people started writing about “advances in technology”. Pick whatever starting point is relevant to you, whether it is cave drawings or social media blogs, the story races forward with...

Banking on Trust: The Role of Security
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Tom Watson, VP-IT and Digital, Global CISO, Sealed Air Corporation

Corporate security has often been an afterthought in many industries. Although companies are quick to introduce new software applications, improve network architecture, and adopt cloud for storing data, security aspects of these technologies is...

Top 5 Transformational Trends You Need to Learn to Love in 2018
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Bill Talbot, VP, Solution & Product Marketing, CA Technologies

The technology adoption lifecycle curve hasn’t changed, but the impact of where your company sits on it has changed significantly. Innovators or early adopters were once considered to be big risk-takers. Large corporations typically...

The Technology Impact on Industries - An overview
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Tim FitzGerald, SVP & CDO, EverBank

1) How do you strike the balance between operations and innovation among your IT staff? I strongly believe in investing in people. They are the greatest asset your organization has. I encourage people to seek personal development and to keep...

Designing and Developing All Elements of BPM
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Christy Hartner, SVP, Commerce Bank [NASDAQ:CBSH]

The Commerce Bank BPM Program has been evolving for more than seven years with several lessons learned along the way. The growing awareness and the acquisition of an enterprise-wide BPMS tool led us into the automation era. We focused...

Enterprise Architecture, Technology and their Relationship
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Michael King, VP, Enterprise Architecture, Lloyds Banking Group

When I was approached to write this article, I had multiple, somewhat conflicting reactions. The first prevailing reaction was excitement and gratitude for being granted the opportunity to write about something other than my internal design...

Embracing Agile for Faster Delivery
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Chris Johns, CIO, PNC Asset Management Group and PNC Investments

The advancements in data analytics and machine learning are transforming our ability to understand our clients’ needs and respond in a timely manner. As a result, we are able to be more responsive and provide the services and assistance...

Speed, Security and Simplicity: The Necessity of Agility for Banking Innovation
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Andy Hernandez, Chief Digital Officer, Regions Bank

For most of the 20th century, the way Americans banked remained — by and large — unchanged. Certainly the “Automated Teller Machine” revolution that started in 1969 delivered much-needed convenience for customers, as did...

Democratizing Financial Market through Technology
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Andre Frank, SVP, Thesys Technologies

Investment banking and retail banking often appear near the top of the list of industries investing in “Big Data” technology, but adoption and usage of “Public Cloud” offerings is very limited. Thesys Technologies was...

New Rules for Leading IT
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John Marcante, MD & CIO, Vanguard

CIOs, more than at any time in the past, are facing a series of enduring trends which require them to expand their traditional competencies. Technology is the main catalyst for business disruption. • Globalization is Integral to Almost...

Technology Renovation: How Agile Development Helps LPL Financial Make Tangible Technology Improvements
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Chris Paul, SVP, Advisor Experience & Design, LPL Financial

There is one universal truth about technology in the financial services industry: It is always changing. At LPL, we know that the way we approach handling these changes is critical for the success of the financial advisors and institutions we...

AI Foundry- Transform or Be Transformed: AI or Bust
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Stephen Butler, Founder & President

AI Foundry offers a holistic, AI-powered solution stack for all-round processing of mortgages. The company’s Cognitive Business Automation Platform and the Agile Mortgages solution, which is built on top of the platform automates manual,...

AI Foundry: Reimagining How a Mortgage is Manufactured
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Alex Levi, VP of Sales, Jill Jones, VP of Marketing, Steve Butler, Founder & President, Percy Johnson, VP of Solutions and Peter Piela, Director of Solution Development

Provides banking and lending organization with a future-ready business, by automating manual processes, classifying and extracting data, and increasing productivity

COBIS: Revitalizing Banking through Financial Agility
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William Moss, CEO

Providing transaction processing and client management software solutions that help companies in the banking sector identify their technological needs and banking trends