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Elke Rubach, President of Rubach Wealth, Rubach WealthElke Rubach, President of Rubach Wealth
A mid the knotty tangles of personal finance and family wealth, Elke Rubach cuts right through with an approach that creates clarity and a cohesive strategy around what clients want for themselves and their family.

Getting there isn’t always easy.

“I'm not in the business of delivering good news,” says Elke, President of Rubach Wealth, a holistic family advisory firm and multi-family office, founded in 2012, that serves high net worth Canadians. “I'm in the business of delivering realism and opening up conversations.”

These conversations often uncover uncomfortable truths and fears – about not having enough money, what happens after a spouse dies, will the kids be responsible stewards of the family wealth – but also bring into relief an overall picture of her clients’ financial position.

This picture is often quite complex, given the level of wealth and the global lifestyles of the families served by Rubach Wealth. In one case, Elke recalls, she had to bring in her clients’ bookkeeper to get a comprehensive view of how much income was coming and how and where money was going.

“My clients simply didn’t know or remember,” says Elke, who worked previously in banking and as a lawyer in London, U.K., and Toronto, Canada after earning her graduate degree in law from the London School of Economics, where she studied on scholarship. “We had to get the bookkeeper involved to get clarity on how their money was being used and how much they were making.”

Based on what she gleans from these discovery meetings, Elke maps out a comprehensive wealth strategy that includes investment and wealth management, wealth distribution and intergenerational transfer, tax planning, asset structure optimization, risk management, family governance and philanthropy.

Elke and her team provide many of these services in house but also work with clients’ existing advisors and engage additional professionals to build and execute the strategy.

As a family office, Rubach Wealth takes on a management and coordination role to ensure all advisors and professionals work cohesively to achieve clients’ objectives.

This sometimes means having to undo structures previously set up by a client’s advisors. In one instance, Elke determined from conversations with her clients and their accountant that, because most of the assets were held within a corporate structure, if the husband died his wife would not have immediate access to funds.

“So they wanted to know, how can we fix that?” recalls Elke, “I told them we can either liquidate their investments or we can put an insurance policy in place that would provide just enough to get her through the first six months so she doesn’t need to make heavy decisions at a bad time. In addition to setting up insurance, we also put together a tax strategy for optimal efficiency when she starts pulling money from the corporations.”

  • It’s not easy working with families because all sorts of issues pop up. My job is to be resourceful and to help them get from A to B. There are many ways to get there – I help them find the simplest and most efficient way possible

Elke’s commitment to building strategies that will see her clients through every life stage – from their early years as an entrepreneur or professional to retirement and death – is deeply rooted in her own life experiences. Her father died at age 50, with no plan to provide for his wife and children.

“My mom more or less had to figure everything out,” says Elke. “We all turned out fine, we all grew up to have successful careers. But all that financial uncertainty could have been prevented if my parents had planned for the future. When I started working for one of the big banks in Canada and was dealing directly with clients, it became very clear to me that too many people just don’t have a plan. I realized I could do something to help these people.”

Today, Rubach Wealth helps not only with the financial aspect of wealth but also with its social and psychological implications. Elke digs deep in her conversations with clients to understand what’s most meaningful to them, and to help them define their goals and purpose in life. She also works with next-generation family members to prepare them to receive and preserve the wealth coming their way.

“It’s not easy working with families because all sorts of issues pop up,” says Elke. “My job is to be resourceful and to help them get from A to B. There are many ways to get there – I help them find the simplest and most efficient way possible.”

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