EXL [NASDAQ:EXLS]: Turning Big Data into Actionable Insights

Vivek Jetley, Senior Vice President, Co-Head,EXL

TCS BaNCS - Tata Consultancy Services [NSE:TCS]: Digital Engagement Platform for Core Transformation

Satish Vallat, Head of TCS BaNCS Digital, TCS Financial Solutions,TCS BaNCS Tata Consultancy Services

The Age of Digital Banking

Sangy Vatsa, EVP & CIO, Comerica Bank [NYSE:CMA]

NTT DATA Services: Tackling KYC and AML from a Workflow Perspective

NTT DATA Services: Tackling KYC and AML...

Edmund Tribue, NA Risk & Regulatory Practice Leader,NTT DATA Services

The Two Biggest Roadblocks to Bank Automation

The Two Biggest Roadblocks to Bank...

William Heitman, Partner & Managing Director, The Lab Consulting

Two Disruptive Technologies that will Change the Face of Financial Services

Two Disruptive Technologies that will...

Sameer Kishore, VP & Global Head, Banking, Financial Services, Securities & Insurance,...

New Alliances Will Drive FinTech Innovation

New Alliances Will Drive FinTech...

Sheri Rhodes, Chief Technology Officer, Western Union

Surecomp: Streamlining the Trade Finance Ecosystem

Udayan Kelkar, Global Head of Sales and Marketing,Surecomp

Ubiquitous Retail Banking

Kevin Stehl, Vice President of Marketing, Product and Digital, SECU Credit Union

Leading the Technological Wave

Leading the Technological Wave

Denise Dettingmeijer, CFO, Randstad North America [AMS:RAND]

Humans and Machines - Building a Better Bank

Humans and Machines - Building a Better...

Jeremy Balkin, Head of Innovation, HSBC USA

Going Digital: The Fintech Landscape Roadmap

Going Digital: The Fintech Landscape...

Zahid Afzal, CEO, Home Savings

Candor Technology: A Perfect Loan in Seven Seconds

Candor Technology: A Perfect Loan in...

Thomas Showalter, CEO,Candor Technology