PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu: Digital Transformation in the Banking Sector

Budi Setiono, President Director, PT. Infosys Solusi TerpaduBudi Setiono, President Director
As a response to the rapid development in mobile banking technology in Jakarta, 27th February 2019, PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk—the biggest bank in Indonesia— launched BRImo. A leading-edge mobile banking app, BRImo, has all the latest digital banking features to be used by both BRI customers and non-customers with a choice of funding sources: current account, savings, or electronic money. Adjacently, another similar app was launched by renowned banking institution, CIMB Niaga. Their app, New Go Mobile aims at enhancing the banking experience for its users with exciting features like fingerprint scanners and customizable user interface to cater to millennial bank users. Alongside, CIMB Niaga also boasts self-service banking at more than 50 digital lounges, a concept that is now being followed by other banks as well. To further digitalize the banking system in Indonesia, PermataBank also jumped into the innovation bandwagon and introduced the app, PermataMobile X, with an array of impressive features like secured biometric login, easy and safe money transfers with just a mobile number, and ability to open deposit accounts faster without the need to visit a branch.

While these instances paint a picture of the burgeoning mobile and digital banking landscape in Indonesia, at the core of this success lies a distinguished IT and service provider, PT Infosys Solusi Terpadu (IST). “Now digitalization is the focus of all companies in any sector, especially banking and financial services industry. Since the inception of PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu in 2006 until today, we are still focused on providing digital transformation services that creates or manages business processes, culture, and user experience to meet business and market requirements changes,” says Budi Setiono, president director of PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu.

IST delivers broad range of innovative solutions based on single software product or multiple software products and high performance application on digital platform to leading financial and non-financial institutions in order to answer “time to market” challenges.

“Innovation is not only about technology, it should be also about solution and service,” says Axel Sahulata, product director of PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu.

Driven by that belief, with more than 200 employees—where 80 percent of them are in delivery and technical division— IST has been delivering various banking applications that are being used by millions of people. Going by the numbers, currently, PermataMobile X is being used by 900,000 customers, Go-Mobile by 4,000,000 customers, and BRImo by 1,600,000 users. Besides,PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu is also proud of their work for the e-kiosk at the Pelabuhan New Priok Container 1 (NPCT1), and Telkomsel Corporate Online Payment System (TCOPS), which is currently used by Telkomsel’s corporate customers for Telkomsel postpaid payment.

Budi Setiono further elaborates that today’s financial organizations are becoming increasingly customer-driven. The aim is not just to build a technologically-advanced banking system but also ensure its impactful customer experience. A strong proponent of this notion, IST builds multi-edge payment apps, which can be accessed through multiple devices. The robustness of IST’s banking solutions targets at modifying the existing business processes, banking culture, and most importantly, the user experience. Over time, IST wants to step up in the Indonesian banking market and create a “can’t-do-without” mobile banking niche by helping banks offer their users with ease of access and quick transaction through an integrated and digitalized solution.

Besides building competent payment software solutions, IST also builds its own digital solutions—FusionClick—a digital enterprise platform that is also suitable to support digital banking platform with the main functions such as omnichannel frontend-backend interface, API Management, orchestration rules and engine, business process management, middleware, DevSecOps and digital modules such as video call, loyalty and reward, chatbot etc. Banks can leverage this platform to reap the complete advantage of online banking and other digital banking capabilities.

Thriving highly on Edward Gibbon, a renowned English writer and historian’s saying, “Our work is the presentation of our capabilities,” IST has intentions to advance toward a future of global expansion and partnership and transform the banking experience for Indonesian users. That being said, the company’s moonshot aim is to upscale every financial institution and help them grow profitably in an ever-evolving digital world.

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About PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu

PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu

Jakarta, Indonesia

Budi Setiono, President Director and Axel Sahulata, Product Director


As a Leading enterprise solution integrator, IST delivers integrated financial services apps on digital platform to the financial institutions and help them digitalize their financial system. In addition, IST also works together with first tier global IT companies to delivers a broad range of digital solutions with high performance and competitive advantage. They provide digital solutions to fulfill the need of digital transformation and rapid time-to-market. Established in 2006, IST is focused on providing digital transformation services that creates or manages business processes, culture and user experience to meet business and market requirements changes