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WEI Technology LLC and Impact Mortgage Management Advocacy & Advisory Group (IMMAAG™) Coordinated to Make Compliance Management Accessible and Affordable to Small Traditional Brokers

By Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 26, 2019

MCLEAN, Va: WEI Technology LLC announced the integration of IMMAAG™ compliance services into the LendingPad® LOS.

IMMAAG™ believes "Competing and Compliance should be Compatible™." Pursuant to this belief and to further enhance the value proposition for small traditional brokers, IMMAAG's proven compliance management system will be offered within the LendingPad® LOS solution at a deeply discounted rate.

"LendingPad® is working to level the playing field for brokers," said Wes Yuan, LendingPad's Managing Director. "The integration with IMMAAG™ is one of the ways we provide brokers with the best tools in the marketplace which they can leverage quickly, easily, and cost-effectively for their compliance needs."

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