Strategic Ways for Ad-Based Sectors to Gain On-Time Payments

By: Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Payment FREMONT, CA: The advertising industry has developed from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. With the invention of online streaming, advertising space is facing massive disruption. The surge in internet content joined with diminishing attention spans, has started a flurry of difficulties for the advertising industry. The ROI of publishers, advertisers and brands measurement has changed. Advertisement fraud and ad-clicking bots can be a significant problem. Encouraging change in payments behavior or injecting trade financing into the picture serve as strategies for addressing these issues.

The advertising company is not the only sector struggling with delayed payments. Difficulty with these efforts is that some of the enormous brands are the payers, going to change their ways. These businesses are also hesitant to implement a trade financing program that would facilitate earlier payments to their vendors. These organizations are currently developing a blockchain solution that sources accredited investors to finance outstanding invoices via its proprietary digital token. It is a tool that can facilitate next-day payment for vendors at a cost with interest, once the brand settles the invoice. Significant brands couldn't be forced, into using sophisticated cryptocurrency technology to make their payments quickly. It is though, essential to accelerate payments to publishers without forcing high-interest rates on them.

Investors have to perform their due diligence to get the payment on time. Blockchain technology provides transparency which can reduce risks for investors and help in understanding who and what they're investing in. To address the uncertainties of operating in a different era of digital advertising, this sort of information is a critical component, like fraud and data protection noncompliance. The organization will have zero ad fraud. The firm will have a tremendous competitive advantage when it cannot provide transparency on all those issues, but also pay publishers the next day.

The business model reveals it is the connection between payments data transparency, including the overall risk mitigation of collaborating with business associates in an enterprise, are on a transformative journey. The executives have acknowledged that connection has implications for industries beyond digital advertising.

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