IBM's Cloud Object Storage Group Unveiled New Functions

By: Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

IBM Cloud Object Storage is the foundational data store for IBM Cloud that helps companies in managing data growth. The integration of IBM Cloud Object Storage with the Watson Data Platform has become the recent biggest news. This integration would provide companies with a persistent storage layer for ad hoc analytics, predictive analytics, real-time streaming, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for software developers and data scientists.

With the merge, users can now scale their computing and storage resources independently, optimize connectivity using Apache Spark applications with a standard API interface for efficient analysis, and achieve cost-effective, built-in disaster recovery by storing only one geo-dispersed copy of their data.

The new “unified user experience” designed by IBM would additionally help companies to simplify their interaction with data, accelerate application development and enable easier integration with IBM Cloud services. Also, security-wise, IBM’s customer-driven permission identity control that they formed by integrating the Cloud Object Storage service with IBM Identity and Access Manager would give businesses an added control over their enterprise data. With the help of this, companies can now set Cloud Object Storage bucket-level access policies, selectively grant permissions, assign user roles and control the actions that users and applications can perform.

In addition to the default encryption option, which could encrypt data with human intervention, users will soon be able to bring their own encryption keys; maintaining a total command of their existing keys and simultaneously taking advantage of IBM’s advanced encryption for data at rest.

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