How Consumer Service Enhances the Retail Banking Experience

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, December 20, 2021

When employees take on new duties, they must be upskilled and cross-skilled. Employees should continually be learning to ensure that the workforce is prepared for future problems.

Fremont, CA: Many banks relocated personnel from in-person duties, such as tellers, to positions in offsite customer support, where employees may work from home or a call center during the epidemic. As the workplace evolves, banks employees may be required to work from various locations, including in-person, at home, or a hybrid. This means that bank executives must provide their workers with the abilities to manage work and relationships throughout time, regardless of their position.

This is exacerbated by the fact that branch locations, which were already dropping before the pandemic, are continuing to decline. Customer service will become increasingly important, regardless of channel, as customers seek products and services personalized to their specific needs. Customers rely on banks for more than transactional interactions in these uncertain financial times.

To determine if they have the right-fit assistance, bank leaders must examine the complete employee journey. For instance, onboarding a new employee looked substantially different a year and a half ago than it does now. It was most likely done in person, and it could have included handing the employee a manual to read on their first day or sending them to a class to learn how to utilize the technological platform at work. However, this method does not work today. When onboarding is relevant, inspiring, and simple to understand, people learn more effectively. Employees will feel more confident and driven to achieve their best if you prioritize the topics they need to know first and build on them once they are on the job. In addition, employees can get the information they need faster by supplementing training with digital, on-demand tools.

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