How AI Helps Fintech Companies

James Robertson, Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, July 09, 2021

Artificial intelligence will have a massive impact on financial services, proving to be its most disruptive force.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence has become a pioneering trend that impacts Fintech and many other industries. It makes tasks efficient and reduces costs while attempting to simulate human behavior. It is forecasted to take over the new year and grow. Fintech is a sector aiming to transform financial services, and with Artificial Intelligence, it just might change society’s perspective. Every application of AI will need some level of payment, and that’s where Fintech comes in. Here is how AI is changing Fintech.

Accurate Decision Making

Data-driven management decisions at reduced cost lead to many styles of management, where insurance leaders and future banking will ask the right questions to machines rather than to human experts. Machines will analyze the data and develop the recommended outcomes, which can assist leaders, and their subordinates take better decisions.

Automated Customer Support

Customers-facing systems, including text chats, voice systems, or Finance Chatbots, can offer human-like customer service or expert advice experience at a reduced cost. How Automation/ Chatbots can assist Fintech enterprises in saving their time and money are discussed here, Chatbots as the Personal Finance Assistant.

Fraud Detection and Claims Management

Analytics tools gather evidence and analyze data necessary for conviction. Artificial Intelligence tools then learn and monitor user’s behavioral patterns to find rarity and warning signs of fraud and incidences. Claims management can be developed using Machine Learning (ML) techniques in various stages of the claim managing mechanism. By using Artificial Intelligence and handling massive data in a small period, insurers can automate managing mechanisms. It can even fasten claims to mitigate the processing time and manage costs while improving customer experience.

Insurance Management

Insurance management with AI systems will automate the underwriting process and use more crude data to make improved decisions for the customers. Automated agents can help the user online in deciding insurance requirements. Insurance comes into the picture after the loss has occurred. Automatic underwriting can accelerate the process and often offer expensive tests unnecessary by linking many relevant data sets, even external ones that are not present in the medical records.

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