BPC Banking Technologies' SmartVista HCE Allow Customers to Make Contactless Payments

By: Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: BPC Banking Technologies, a provider of open system payment solutions, announces the launch of SmartVista Host Card Emulation (HCE) to offer payment card and access card solutions on mobile applications.

HCE is the software architecture that provides exact virtual representation of various electronic identity (access, transit and banking) cards using software. It also enables the financial organizations to offer user-friendly services such as prepaid virtual card issue for non-customers and linking the virtual card to the already existing account.

The HCE architecture enables transfer of Near Field Communication (NFC) information between a terminal configured to exchange NFC radio information with an NFC card and a mobile device application. SmartVista’s broad range of capabilities effectively support and manage payments across all channels, including POS, branch, Internet, and mobile applications. From simple credit and debit cards, to sophisticated loyalty programs and multi application smart cards, SmartVista supports all aspects of card management.

BPC Banking Technologies offers an application that could be downloaded and activated immediately by touching the POS-terminal to allow customersmake contactless payments. Byproviding an instant virtual non-personalized card issue to the customer, it allows payments at any NFC supporting terminals. To use the service, customers will have to register their mobile PIN-code once at a time to verify all future operations.

 “HCE technology opens the way to all mobile payments market players: banks are now free to launch convenient products, retailers get a new payment method, while customers enjoy easy and quick payment tool – always in your smartphone. Our solution enables financial organizations to cut the timeline for new product launch significantly and to skip this time-consuming bureaucracy with third-party providers. As a result the bank gets numerous benefits– existing clients loyalty increase, new customers attraction and instant return on investments to HCE”, says VasilyGrigoriev, Executive vice president, BPC Banking Technologies.

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