Antelop partners with Quipu, enabling the ProCredit banks with digital card solutions

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Antelop continues implementing successful projects in its partnership with Quipu, an IT solutions provider for banks and financial institutions, with operations across Europe and LATAM.

Quipu Processing Center processes both Visa and Mastercard cards for more than 30 banks around the world, split between issuing for the in-house banking group ProCredit and for third-party financial institutions.

As a first step in the collaboration, Quipu used Antelop technology for the implementation of NFC mobile payment, supporting Quipu customers in offering latest payment solutions to its clients, alongside the mobile banking application, which is available in several countries.

The Antelop SDK enriches the Quipu applications offered to the customers with a white-label NFC Issuer Wallet, including instant card digitization and NFC payments, allowing the banks to offer a fully digital payment and mobile banking experience.

The Antelop Digital Card platform was selected by Quipu as it enables both Visa and Mastercard cards for mobile payments,including debit, credit and prepaid cards. The solution, which was first put live in 2020, is now in progress of implementation in several countries around the world – after customers from Kosovo, North Macedonia, or Ecuador, more will follow in different area of operations of Quipu.

A collaboration between a digital card expert and a card processor

Antelop and Quipu are strengthening their cooperation around the one digital card value proposition with mobile instant issuing, secure card display, token management. This reinforces Quipu’s strategical approach by proposing a unified digital card solution to its customers. “Partnering with a fintech like Antelop on Digital Cards enables Quipu to bring even more innovations to the services we are offering banks. Due to the digitalization process worldwide, the future of cards is on the mobile. Antelop teams demonstrated unique innovation capabilities and flexibility on that” says Eugenio Marengo, Head of Quipu Processing Center.

“We share a joint vision on the future of Digital Cards with Quipu. We are glad to be partners at the service of Quipu customers. Mobile innovation combined with modern processing platform is a winning strategy” says Timothée Grüner, CCO of Antelop.

About Quipu

Quipu is an IT consultancy and software development company which provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for banks and financial institutions, from electronic payments to software systems, and hybrid cloud hosting and operations. By combining global expertise with knowledge of local requirements, Quipu plays a central role in enabling our customers to be competitive, and efficient, and to successfully respond to the evolving demands of their industry, markets, and regulators.

About Antelop

Founded in 2014, Antelop is the Digital Card Partner of banks, certified Visa, Mastercard and CB, answering their Digitization challenges. We digitize cards and secure banking apps. Antelop enables banks with all Digital Cards features into their mobile applications through One single SDK (Card/PIN display, push to XPays, Token management, NFC payments, Strong Authentication...). No more complex back-end integrations, go mobile first!

Supported by large international partners, our solutions are live with 40 banks in 25+ countries with proven track-record. Write us at to get in touch and follow us on LinkedIn

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