Antelop facilitates Card display through its new Secure Interface solution

By: Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Paris - Neobanks are setting new cards standards on the market with the rise of virtual cards. More and more users are expecting to have the virtual version of their physical payment card to shop online. Some of them consider it as a back-up of the physical card, others go for a digital card for a full digital and mobile user experience.

The mobile display of highly sensitive banking information is a key need for banks. To enable e-commerce payments through digital cards, banks must be able to display the card number to the client, a highly sensitive information. In order to do so, the displaying banking app must be PCI-DSS compliant (one of the world's most stringent security standards). Such PCI DSS requirements for banks’ apps mean very high security constraints and can unfortunately limit agility and innovation.

Antelop addresses this need through its new Secure Interface solution, a secure IOS and Android SDK which securely transfers sensitive information between a mobile application and the bank.

The Antelop Secure Card Display enables:

- Card Display: Offer digital-first experience through the secure display of sensitive card details (PAN, Expiry Date, CVV, CVV2), either static or dynamic from your banking app.

- PIN management: Our solution also enables your customers to display and modify their physical cards’ PIN.

Antelop SDK also includes PCI DSS screens.

Security is our key mission at Antelop: It requires strong security measures to manage sensitive information, such as card numbers, cryptograms or PIN codes, in a mobile device. Antelop developed end-to-end encryption mechanisms which desensitize the mobile application and any intermediate servers as they have no way to decrypt or alter sensitive data.

Banks can now simply offer Virtual cards through Antelop secure SDK. Integration is simplified and banks do not rely on Antelop servers for display, but only at initialization stage. The SDK allows to securely exchange confidential data from and to a mobile device:

More than 30 banks already trust Antelop for digital card innovation. Thanks to its collaborative DNA and technical expertise Antelop enables them to accelerate digital transformation. At Antelop, security is our key asset. Our solutions remain one of the few with the highest security certifications on the market.

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