LCORE Wealth Management: Delivering Holistic Financial Strategies Tailored to Specific Goals

Robert L. Omohundro, CEO, LCORE Wealth ManagementRobert L. Omohundro, CEO Remember the Great Inflation of the 1970s?

It was the defining macroeconomic period of the second half of the twentieth century. Over the time it lasted, the stock market had lost nearly 50 percent of its value. From gasoline to groceries, soaring prices led to unusually bad economic times.

And while many were gasping from the low blow that inflation had landed, Delight Dixon Omohundro decided to guide the masses with her first publication, ‘How to Win the Grocery Game: A Proven Strategy for Beating Inflation.’ It was an economical distillation for the average American household on how to save when buying groceries.

Delight’s book was never a bestseller. But it did ignite the passion in her son, Robert L. Omohundro, who sought inspiration to help the investors develop their financial picture and facilitate the end goal, which is financial freedom.

Today, Omohundro is realizing his dream with his firm, LCORE Wealth Management, and his 88-years young mum, Delight, by his side.

“I founded LCORE Wealth Management to put into practice my philosophy of guidance and mentorship in financial planning from a base created by the Modified Endowment Model,” says Omohundro, CEO of LCORE Wealth Management. “We want to help individuals who have accumulated wealth, retain it, and grow it in a reduced risk and tax efficient manner.”

LCORE Wealth Management has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs, executives, families, and individuals in the metro Atlanta area create independent financial futures, especially in today’s inflationary environment, reminiscent of the 1970s.

Backed by a team of passionate financial professionals, LCORE Wealth Management works diligently with clients to understand their goals and risk tolerance levels so that they can integrate hard assets into their portfolios. The company helps customers understand their current financial situation, explore goals, and create personalized strategies to protect and grow their wealth and prepare for a comfortable retirement. LCORE’s wide range of services, including retirement plans, estate planning, fee based financial planning, and personal protection services, helps clients deal with financial issues of any complexity.

Building Strategies for a Prosperous Future

LCORE Wealth Management is fueled by Omohundro’s unwavering dedication and passion for guiding both young and mature investors through financial issues to build strategies for a prosperous future. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), he has advanced training in multiple financial planning specialties and holds himself to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

As a teacher and coach, Omohundro has been instrumental in guiding LCORE Wealth Management’s team in helping clients gain the knowledge and confidence they need to actively participate in the management of their finances.

“We serve as a reliable resource for clients in developing their financial picture and helping them make the right financial decisions every day,” says Omohundro. “This belief is at the core of our philosophy, ’Learning to concentrate on retirement every day’.”

Omohundro also serves as the President of a crypto company and is keenly focused on educating clients on the positive and negative aspects of what a digital environment will mean to them. He believes that there will be rapid facilitation of cryptography in the next two decades, expediting monetary policy changes on a global level. With Omohundro at the helm, LCORE Wealth Management is positioned as a unique and specialized practice to guide clients who are willing to invest in digital assets, going beyond the traditional investment options.

We are committed to taking a hands-on approach and acting as guides, mentors, and coaches on clients’ path to financial independence

Discovery. Strategy. Implementation. Monitoring and Adjusting.

The LCORE team follows a holistic approach to help individuals invest prudently. The team handholds clients through each step, from discovery, strategy, and implementation to monitoring and adjusting, to understand their investment goals and help realize those.

“We serve as a reliable resource for clients in developing their financial picture and helping them make the right financial decisions every day”

LCORE Wealth Management begins the engagement with a meeting to assess an individual’s specific needs and investment desires. The next step involves the development of an effective, long-term investment strategy tailored to the client’s unique demands. Following this, the team develops a comprehensive plan that outlines the process recommended for long-term success. In the final phase, the company successfully implements an investment strategy through consistent communication with the customer and support from highly skilled staff.

LCORE monitors customers’ accounts regularly to ensure that they are performing in a way that meets their objectives. Alternatively, when a client’s circumstances change due to shifting global markets or other factors, the company works to develop a different investing approach.

Adopting a Hands-on Approach

Over the years, LCORE Wealth Management has evolved into a reliable partner for clients by offering sound planning advice combined with the latest technology information.

“To assist our clients on their path to financial independence, we have built a trusted network of CPAs, attorneys, estate planners, and insurance specialists,” states Omohundro.

Clients of LCORE Wealth Management can expect planning and implementation services that can help fund retirement using correlated and non-correlated diversification across various asset classes. The use of various asset types and sectors can provide unique options and solutions to help solve unexpected issues. Past experiences and walking, not running, toward opportunities that can meet client goals, have helped the firm develop personal relationships with their clients. Those relationships are the foundation needed when it comes to helping clients with their personal financial planning.

“LCORE Wealth Managements desire is to help each client develop a financial core from which income and growth can provide, over time, the foundation of financial independence,” states Omohundro.

Guiding Clients on their Path toward Financial Independence

Investors today expect an end-to-end experience from their relationship with advisors. However, the inability to comprehend the client’s needs has created a culture of impersonal discourse between individuals and financial planning companies.

  • To assist our clients on their path to financial independence, we have built a trusted network of CPAs, attorneys, estate planners, and insurance specialists

LCORE Wealth Management has changed this paradigm by considering the client’s preferences and the dynamics of their portfolio, and supplements it by providing full-service guidance and consultancy. It invokes deeper relationships with clients, enabling them to expand or liquidate a personal business and transfer assets multi-generationally.

LCORE Wealth Management is already a diverse practice, but is eagerly looking forward to novel technologies on the horizon that will stage the next evolution of wealth management.

Staying abreast with the new technological developments, LCORE Wealth Management is constantly evolving to provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial concepts, markets, and products. The firm believes that, ultimately, financial success is the result of making the right financial decisions every day.

“We are committed to taking a hands-on approach and acting as guides, mentors, and coaches on clients’ path to financial independence. We will continue to offer a compassionate and responsive service to keep clients focused on their goals and empower them to realize these goals,” says Omohundro.

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LCORE Wealth Management is a comprehensive wealth management firm that helps clients in the metro Atlanta area create independent financial futures. The company’s clients are successful entrepreneurs, executives, families, and individuals who have done well through hard work and self-sacrifice.