Fluid Pay, LLC.: Alleviating the Complexities of Payment Processing

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Nicholas Cucci, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Fluid Pay, LLC.Nicholas Cucci, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
The skyrocketing adoption of subscription based enterprise solutions is driving the ubiquity of a business model that involves recurring payments to multiple vendors. This reliance on subscription-based deployments increases an organization's susceptibility to payment fraud. Consequently, businesses must implement a reliable payment gateway with vital features like end-to-end security orchestration, omnichannel compatibility, personalized customer support, and unmatched scalability to ensure safe and timely payments.

This is one of the many areas where Fluid Pay fits perfectly as a proven payment gateway solution. It has developed the only secure Level 1 payment card industry (PCI)-compliant cloud-based payment gateway for businesses to process transactions anywhere in the world.

"We have created a suite of payment industry tools with a business-centric approach that can simplify payment gateways and boost the security of the payments industry at large," states Nicholas Cucci, Chief Operating Officer/ Co-Founder of Fluid Pay.

One of our strongest and smartest additions to Fluid Pay was when Ted Cucci joined the founding partners (Nick Cucci and Jeff Rooney) in 2018, signing on as Fluid Pay's President and CEO, as well as board chairman. He brings over 21 years of industry experience, including co-founding Network Merchants Inc. (NMI).

Why was Fluid Pay started? It's simple. The company's three partners believe that the payments space has become too complicated and complex and needs to be simplified. "Our goal is to create a suite of products that function inside a completely cloud-based environment while being scalable for any size merchant both small and enterprise-level businesses," said Jeff Rooney, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Fluid Pay. "You should not have to have multiple providers as an ISO to complete your offering. Not anymore."

Reflecting on the company's rapid expansion, Cucci said that beginning with a blank canvas and staying focused on growth, scalability, and reliability helped the team remain agile and responsive to emerging trends. "We could jump on opportunities like card-not present cash discounting and compliant surcharging, incorporating the logic of these programs in our API and fully exposed, easing the burdens and filling the gaps for merchants," says Ted Cucci, President and CEO of Fluid Pay.

To name just a few of Fluid Pay's product stand outs, they offer over 20+ cloud-based products, such as an e-invoicing tool that allows merchants to send invoices via e-mail and SMS, saving considerable time while de-risking transactions with a secure, embedded payment link.

The TOKENizer creates a simple, easy and accurate way to accept payment information on a website while creating vault records, if needed, on transactions, taking liability off the merchant.

Fluid Pay's white-label solution offers customers complete control of the look and feel – CSS, colors, etc. and a DDoS mitigation service is included to ensure clients stay online 24/7.

Fluid Pay also supports PAX and Dejavoo EMV devices on its platform, along with a Bluetooth mobile device to process transactions and sync directly with the gateway, all from any mobile device.

  • We have created a suite of payment industry tools with a business-centric approach that can simplify payment gateways and boost the security of the payments industry at large

Fluid Pay also offers an assortment of tools under its payment fraud detection suite. Its Attackdog offering detects fraudulent activities and safeguards transactions through machine learning, fraud scoring, and device ID fingerprinting capabilities, the industry's first and only fully cloud-based machine learning algorithm. The chances of fraud increase significantly when a merchant only depends on user-provided information. Attackdog minimizes this risk by tracking the device ID at multiple points before authenticating the transaction. It then profiles the consumer in question and compares their data against the good and bad populations to determine if there's a risk.

Fluid Pay's Automatic Account Updater updates vaulted payment methods in cases where a customer's payment information is expired or replaced, helping merchants avoid failed transactions.

From a technical standpoint, Fluid Pay's open-source application programming interface (API) facilitates easy integration of all its offerings into a single platform. It also provides a virtual terminal to process card-present and card-not-present transactions using multiple payment methods. Fluid Pay is the only gateway using Google Cloud with built-in active hot swap capabilities that enable it to run on different internet grids with high speed and scalability.

Fluid Pay continues to grow and enhance its API infrastructure, provide additional opportunities, and develop custom projects that align with its clientele's evolving needs. Fluid Pay is a master facilitator in the payments space, simplifying complex payment processes and enabling efficient business operations for its partners and their merchants.

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Fluid Pay, LLC.

About Fluid Pay, LLC.

Fluid Pay, LLC.

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Nicholas Cucci, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer and Theodore Cucci President & Chief Executive Officer and Jeff Rooney Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Fluid Pay is a fully cloud-based Level 1 PCI Compliant payment gateway created to simplify the complexity of payment gateways and the payments industry, enabling businesses to process transactions from different devices from any part of the world seamlessly.